3 AWESOME Premiere Pro Transitions for Beginners in 2021

Today I’m going to teach you guys how you can make three Premiere pro transitions to immediately improve the quality of your videos. I focus mainly on three techniques  and I have termed these techniques:

Number one, “Dipping into darkness,” number two, “chopping   and changing,” and number three, “Splashing through sunshine.” And, if you’re sitting there wondering are these technical editing terms. No, they’re not.

They’re not technical at all. But,   when we get into editing you’ll see why those names are appropriate for these transitions. But,   before we get excited about transitions, the first thing we need is a good beat.   We need music that has a vibe that we can edit to.

The music used in the video that you watched,   that music had quite a nice beat to it. But, at the same time, it had some beautiful moments that beg for slow-motion footage. So, this Premiere can proceed one of two ways:   Number one, you watch me edit, or, number two; you go ahead, find a nice piece of music,   and then also select two or three clips that you want to import into Premiere Pro that we can use to practice our transition techniques with.

Premiere Pro Transitions for Beginners

Try saying, “Transition Techniques” three times fast:   Transition… Doesn’t work. So, if you’re ready to practice these transitions give me a big thumbs up and consider subscribing to my channel if you’d like to see more content from me in the future. Let’s dive into the darkness… See how we move from orange and dark clothing to a dark table and orange juice the transition here happens through a dip into darkness.  

Now let’s access the dip-to-dark transition. First, go to Effects. If you can’t find it,   scroll to the top, click on Window, and then click on Effects. Then select Video Transitions. Scroll to Dissolve. Click on Dip-to-black and drag it over the two clips. You can adjust the size and, just like that, you have your first tasty transition. If you have a beat that has that vibe going for it, then this transition I’m about to show you,   well, this one’s definitely going to bring the party to your project.

Let’s check it out… And then… Come on! I totally love that. Guys, if at this point you still haven’t joined me,   go ahead open up Premiere Pro, get two clips, and some sweet music, and let’s do this transition together. Into my workspace, we go… I’m going to start by dragging things around so that I can get a closer look into what is going on in the space.

Premiere Pro Course for Beginners

This will require that I make a   couple of adjustments later but, it’s simple enough to revert back to my original layout so I’m doing what I got to do to have the space I need to play. So, you’re going to start with two clips. I have one at the bottom and one on top. I’m deleting the “After” look, so we can   both start with the same kind of “Before.”

Now, I select the clip at the bottom. You can see a white outline so now you know it’s selected. Then, I hit the letter “C.” That’s the shortcut for the cutting tool, and then I start chopping the frames individually. Click on the left arrow and click on the right arrow. When you click on the left you’ll move a frame to the left. When you click on the right you’ll move a frame to the right. I don’t usually use this many frames for a transition but it is through practice that we find our feet so chop away.

Premiere Effects in 2021

I’ll show you how I adjusted back soon. Now, I select the shortcut “V” and my little arrow will return.   Then, select and delete frames so that it gives off this look. And if you use your imagination you will start to get an idea of two clips chopping and changing to the drop of a beat.   So now I’m going to enhance our preview screen so we can check this out. Pretty cool! So see here,   there are only four frames that I used.

This choppy vibe fits wonderfully.   We’ve done a Dip-to-black and now it’s time that we splash into the sunshine. There is the opposite of a Dip-to-black and I think it’s called a Dip-to-white, but for this clip, I feel that the colors require more of a golden transition as opposed to a white so we’re going to do something that gives off that feeling that we are transitioning almost through gold.

Types of Various Transitions

Let me know in the comments below if you came right with the previous two transitions and if you’re ready to jump into this third one now. I hope you’re having as much fun as I am. In the central two clips, this is how the before looks. Now select Effects, remember if you can’t find it go to the Window and smash Effects there.   Now type in brightness and contrast. Click on it and drag it onto the first clip.  

Select the second clip and drag brightness and contrast onto the second clip too. Now check how   I have my blue little line in between both clips this is important. Now, select Effect Controls.   Just as a little note, whenever you feel a little bit lost and you can’t find anything always goes up and selects Window and then just look at the options they provide you with to help you find what it is you’re looking for.

When I started out on Premiere Pro I did feel that there were so much information and so many things everywhere I did feel a little bit lost at the beginning.   But for me, that Window option was always a saving grace because it helped me find what I was looking for.

If you can’t see Effect Controls it’s okay to go up to that Window option, look at the options below, and if you see Effect Controls, click on it there. So we’re back in Effect Controls with your blue line in the middle of the two clips. Select the circles next to Brightness and Contrast. See those little marble-looking guys? They should come up. In theory, they are a point on the blue line.   I’m going to change the brightness to 100 and the contrast to 35.

How to Adjust Brightness

Now I’m going to select the blue line and click on Shift and left and this will move you 5 frames to the left. I’m going to move   10 frames to the left so I’ll click my left arrow twice while holding down Shift. Now, I’m going to go back to Effect Controls and I’m going to click on those little circles that we’ve become familiar with. By selecting them, they now too become an area of focus.

Adjust the brightness to 0 and the contrast to 0, too. Then see how the clip starts normal and then dips into some sunshine but now we need to select the second clip and bring the blue line into the middle. Make sure you can see a white border around the second clip to make sure that it’s selected. Now, check that you have Effect Controls open and scroll down, and select the circle next to brightness and contrast.  

Now, our little dots appear showing that we are focusing on the point by the blue line. We want that sunshine effect to move from the first clip to the second clip. Change the Brightness from   0 to 100 and the Contrast from 0 to 35. Now, I’m going to select the blue line hold Shift and click on the right arrow twice to move over 10 frames.

Types Of Frames in 2021

Then I’m going to select the circles and add some new keyframes. I hope this picture is becoming a little more familiar to you now but we are going to change the brightness to 0 as well as changing the contrast to zero.   Now, the clips transition through a dash of sunshine which works really well with the colors in this clip.

And, there we have three transitions that really improved my video. Oh,   I really love it so much! Thank you so much for spending your time with me.

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