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Chinese company gets Delhi-Meerut rapid rail project

The contract for the construction of a 5.6 km underground stretch from New Ashok Nagar to Sahibabad in Ghaziabad has been awarded to Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Company Limited. NCTRC is developing the country’s first Regional Rapid Rail Transit System (RRTS).

A section of Rapid Rail Transit Systems (RRTS) between Delhi and Meerut has been awarded to a Chinese company. The contract of the company was halted last year amid continued tension along the border.

Chinese company gets Delhi-Meerut rapid rail project deal

Ahok Nagar in Delhi to Sahibabad in Ghaziabad. NCTRCis developing the country’s first Regional Rapid Rail Transit System (RRTS).

There was a lot of controversy in June last year when it was reported amid the Indo-China border dispute that the Chinese company had bid the lowest amount. In view of the controversy, the contract of the Chinese company has stayed.

What NCTRC said

According to PTI, NCRTC says the contract has been awarded in accordance with the prescribed procedures and instructions. It is being funded by several agencies. The bid is also given in accordance with the prescribed procedure and instructions.

Now, all civil work on the 82 km Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut corridor has been awarded. The construction work is going on fast and the project will be operational in time,” he said.

What is the contract of Delhi-Meerut rail corridor

The semi high-speed rail corridor between Delhi and Meerut is to be taken up. The project will connect Meerut via Delhi, Ghaziabad. The 82.15 km long RRTS will have 68.03 km of elevated and 14.12 km underground. The work of making underground stretch has been given to the Chinese company.

These companies were involved in the bid

China’s Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co. Ltd became the lowest-priced bidder in the bidding on June 12 last year. Under this, a 5.6 km underground section is to be constructed between New Ashok Nagar to Sahibabad on the Delhi-Meerut RRTS corridor.

Five companies had bid for the same. Chinese company STEC has made the lowest bid of Rs 1,126 crore. Indian company Larsen & Toubro (L&T) bid Rs 1,170 crore. Another Indian company Tata Projects and SEC’s JV bid Rs 1,346 crore

Within a year under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Central government has taken up a major disaster faced by the country as an opportunity. Corona’s giant crisis has initiated revolutionary economic reforms in the country. Because of this, some are telling him on Manmohan Singh’s path, some like modern Chinese producer Deng Xiaoping or Singapore’s father of the nation Lee Quan Yu.

The Kona crisis has left the world’s economy in recession, India’s economy is also in very bad shape. The economy has been hesitant in the entire year of the Modi government. Gdp grew at just 4.2 percent in the entire financial year 2019-20.

In this fiscal, 2020-21, GDP is expected to decline by 5-6 percent. But the government has tried to turn the crisis into an opportunity. It is true that in the era of the great crisis in Corona, there have been many revolutionary reforms related to the economy that the corporate, industry has been demanding for years and which was not so easy for the government to do.


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