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Corona Vaccine Covishield Passed, Doses Available

There are a variety of questions about the vaccine in the minds of the corona-agreed people. Let us answer you all your questions related to corona vaccine.

Eagerly awaiting the corona vaccine, the countrymen have received the good news on the new year’s eve. The expert committee met today to approve the emergency use of the Oxford vaccine. However, according to top government sources, The Serum Institute of India (SII) has received a recommendation for approval from the panel.

In the UK, Oxford’s vaccine has been approved. The World Health Organization has approved pfizer’s vaccine. It has also increased the expectation of india getting its approval. There are a variety of questions about the vaccine in the minds of the people who agreed to the corona. Let us answer you all your questions related to corona vaccine.

How corona vaccine come too soon?

Yes, the vaccine is in the final stages of the trial at various levels. The Government of India may soon allow the vaccine. For more vaccine related information, you can visit www.mohfw.gov.in.

Will the Covid-19 vaccine be given to everyone together?
The Government of India has selected priority groups that are taking high risk as per the availability of the vaccine. They will be vaccinated first. The second group includes people above 50 years of age and under 50 who are suffering from diseases.

Is it necessary to take the vaccine?
Taking the Covid-19 vaccine is voluntary. However, it is advisable to take a full dose of the vaccine to protect itself so as to prevent the spread of the disease to your family members, friends, relatives and working colleagues.

Is the vaccine safe, as it has been tested and prepared in a short time?

Will the vaccine be given to the corona infected (confirmed or probable) person at present?
Vaccination of a corona-infected (confirmed or probable) person will be a fear of corona outbreaks at the center. Therefore such people should refrain from vaccination for 14 days.

Is the vaccine necessary for everyone who is going to beat the corona?
Yes, people should take a full dose of the vaccine by forgetting the previous experience of corona infections. It will develop strong immunity against the corona.

How will the administration choose one or more of corona’s many vaccines for vaccination?

The safety and success data of clinical trials before licensing the vaccine is examined by the country’s drug regulator. Therefore, all vaccines will be safe and effective, which will be licensed. However, it should be ensured that a full dose of the same vaccine is applied, as different vaccine doses are not complementary to each other.

Does India have the ability to keep the vaccine between 2 °c to 8 °c and move from one place to another at the required temperature?
India is one of the largest vaccination campaign countries in the world. It runs for 26 million newborns and 29 million pregnant women. The mechanism used for the success of the campaign is being further strengthened.

Will the vaccine approved in India be as effective as the vaccine of other countries?
Yes, India’s vaccine will be as effective as the vaccine made in other countries. Several phase trials have been conducted for the safety and success of the vaccine.

How will it know that we are eligible for the vaccine?

In the first phase, the COVID-19 vaccine will be given to priority healthcare and frontline workers. Thereafter, the vaccine will be made available to people above 50 years of age depending on availability. The vaccine eligible will be communicated to the eligible persons through their registered mobile number. They will be told where the vaccine will be given and the time schedule will also be given.

How is the vaccine finalized?
When the vaccine is formed, it is filled in a small bottle. After which the packaging takes place, it is finally checked not to go to the bottle other than the vaccine.

How will the serum institute go to the country vaccine?
All doses will be packaged after finalizing the dose of the vaccine. Which will be locked in the box and dried ice, they will be sent to different parts of the country by a freezer truck. The vaccine will be kept in government cold storage.


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