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Home Health Covishield, what is not going to occur after the vaccine?

Covishield, what is not going to occur after the vaccine?

Adar Puravala, the CEO, Serum Institute, visited the Covishield factory to show and explain the process behind the production of the Covid-19 vaccine. For the last 8-9 months, our entire team has been working on vaccine making. Now it is time to launch it. which is being prepared in a very noisy manner, said Adar Puravala.

what is not going to occur after the covishield vaccine?

In India, the waiting for the corona vaccine is showing an end. The new year is believed to bring vaccine relief to India. A large-scale corona vaccine Covishield dose is being produced at the Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII). There are many questions about this corona vaccine. How many doses of the vaccine a person will need? What will be the price? To know all these questions, Aaj Tak reached the Serum Institute in Pune.

How is the vaccine formed?

Adar Puravala took us inside the factory to show the packaging process. which is fully automated. Empty vials are first washed beneath a high-pressure water jet.

We have minimized human intervention to reduce the pollution potential, he added. The vaccine process does not come into human contact from beginning to end. After washing, the vials are filled with the vaccine. Then another machine seals the vials and the vials are closed with an aluminum cap. Loaded vials go for the screening process. The screening machine sorts approved and rejected vials on a strict standard basis.

What will be the dose of vaccine?

Puravala said that one person would need two doses. He said the results of the various trials indicate that there should be a gap of two to three months between the two doses.

We are filling 5,000 vials per minute and this speed is going to double in February,” Adar Puravala said. A vial contains 10 doses. About 50 million doses of the vaccine have already manufactured.

How is the vaccine stored?

Covishield vials need to be stored at temperatures between 2 °C and 8 °C. The institute has a mega storage facility.

What is the plan for distribution?

“Initially, we have applied for an emergency use license in which the government will provide vaccines to the workers involved in the first necessary service,” Adar Puravala said. Once the first phase is over, the general delivery license will be received. The vaccine will probably be available to the general public through chemists and other private hospitals by March or April.

Puravala said his company will try to distribute the vaccine in an impartial manner. So that it reaches a lot of peoples rapidly around the world. We are also in talks with many corporate houses who want to buy vaccines for their employees. Their families so that they can resume work safely, he added.

The Serum Institute has fixed two different rates of the vaccine. One for the Government of India and the other for the private sector.
For the Indian government, it will cost around US$3 per dose. For the private market, it will be priced at around Rs 700-800.

Whether the vaccine is safe

Puravala said all vaccines have some side-effects, but not a matter of concern. A small number of people experienced side effects during the trial. There may be a mild fever, sore throat, or mild headache which lasts for two days.


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