Design 5 Pinterest Pins in 5 Minutes in 2021

I’m gonna try and design 5 Pinterest pins in just 5 minutes, using Tailwind Create. If you wanna join in. I encourage you to first select the content that you’re going to want to create those pins for. And you’ll be able to save some time. So I’ve chosen a blog post, and let’s get to it! Wait! First, let me caffeinate.

All right, I’m ready, let’s do this! So, this is the blog post I’m going to design those 5 pins in   5 minutes for, it’s also ‘5 Part-Time Business  Ideas’, so we’ve got lots of 5s happening.

And we’ve got Tailwind Create,  so I’m gonna use a timer, woo! And see if I can do it. All right,  got my timer set up, 5 minutes,   ‘Start New Design’, and as soon as the page loads, I’m going to start the timer. And go! All right, destination link, paste it in, it’s going to autoload that, it’s gonna take images from my site, but I’m gonna just start searching for business.

so I’m – this is taking so much time. Okay, I’m gonna use this one, I’m gonna use this one, this one looks fun. So if you’re following along with this challenge. Then you can definitely just pull images. Either from your blog post or you can have them pre-installed, oh yeah, pre-pulled from your site. Okay, so  I’m gonna use these ones, and one more. and maybe this guy.

How To Tailwind Create in 2021

I’ve got my images, and just gonna delete my blog name. I like this one, I just need tiny tweaks. So, Tailwind Create gives you all of these options right away.

This is kind of cute, I  can swap the photos, just like that,. That’s good, you can cycle through the photos, and the colors very easy to make a pin. Okay, let’s see if there are any other ones that don’t need very much tweaking. You know what, I kind of like the circle one, too. Okay, let’s go here, this is where you can review your favorite designs.

So I’ve got a couple of designs that I liked from previous times, well. The one other time I used. I’m saying ‘previous’, I’m talking like I’ve been using  Create for ages. I’ve got 5 designs selected, so I’m gonna go to ‘Review   Your Selection’. This is where I’m gonna tweak them quickly so that I can have 5 pins that are slightly different.

So I like this, I just need this to be up here, and my domain to be down here,  I don’t like the size of this, I’ve been doing my domain at 40, and spacing it out 100, 5 I’m going to do ‘At’ to change it up: ‘At- Home Business Ideas’, and I’m going to add a subtitle:  ‘You Can Start Today’, I’m just gonna make this white, sliding against the clock here,  and it just needs to be a little smaller,  and a little less spaced out.

Creating Pins In 5 Minutes

I’m kind of into it, I’m just going to move that up a bit, ‘At-Home Business Ideas You Can Start Today’, just make that slightly bigger. Okay, save and go back. Okay, I’ve got about a minute and 20 seconds here.

So I’m good with this, I’m good – actually,  I just want to space out this text a bit.  5, 5, I’m gonna do ‘At-Home Business Ideas You Can Start Today’, I’m just gonna make ‘5’ bigger, actually, yep actually, I’m just gonna spell it out to change it up. ‘At-Home Business’ underlying, save, and go back. All right, got 30 seconds here, but I  think I’m pretty happy with these pins,  I might just see what this looks like in yellow if I like it better.

I think I’m gonna stick, actually, maybe I’ll cycle  this one to yellow, add a bit of diversity, and  yeah, there you have it: I’ve got 5 pins and  10 seconds left, I can click to download them,  or I can click ‘Go Schedule’, and they’re  going to add them right to my queue! We did it! 

Design 5 Pinterest Pins

There’s the timer, we beat the clock!  So, what do you think about Tailwind Create, isn’t it such an amazing tool? Honestly, I find it fun! Personally, as someone who is a perfectionist,  and who would spend countless hours designing  Pinterest pins, this is a fun way that I can challenge myself, to design multiple pins in just 5 minutes. 5 pins per post is a great number for you to have.

So if you’re looking for a faster way to create Pinterest pins, and to have fun: I  challenge you to design 5 pins per post in just 5 minutes. Remember, it helps you when you know what your post is before you start the clock.  So this was Nadalie Bardo, and that’s how you can easily design Pinterest pins with Tailwind Create! 

If you haven’t tested it as yet, be sure to use my affiliate link below to sign up for your free trial, and give it a test run. Honestly, Tailwind Create is going to be an integral part of my  Pinterest routine going forward, and it can be for you as well.

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