How Blogs Improve Your Content Marketing in 2021

Hey everyone. I share marketing insights to help entrepreneurs, business owners, and content creators grow their businesses. When it comes to blogging clients often ask me whether it’s even worth their time or effort? Is blogging dead. Do people still read blogs?

The answer is a big Y.E.S. Yes, blogging is as important as it ever was and should still be one of the most critical parts of your content marketing strategy. Businesses that blog receives 67% more leads every month than brands that don’t. That’s quite incredible.

Whether you run an online or local business a blog is essential. It’s still worth your time and effort If you’re going to meet your content marketing goals and attract more customers. So if you want to know exactly how blogging for your business will help you keep watching. I’ll also be sharing with you six big benefits of blogging.

How Blogs Improve Your Content Marketing in 2021

Number 1 blogging creates value for your customers. Let’s be honest. You wouldn’t follow an over-sales brand, right, but what if the same brand offers you the information you could actually use? That’s why you need blogging. Blogging allows you to provide value for your target audience while increasing the overall customer experience, which automatically sets you apart from your competitors.

The idea behind this concept is that you give your audience something for free that helps them solve a problem. With time they become more loyal to you before and after purchasing your product and service. What this does is boost your content marketing efforts. Some of the things you could consider sharing on your blog include tips, hacks, best tools, checklists, or listicles, customer profiles, reviews, your biggest lessons in business, popular content curated by you, industry interviews, and more.

Blogging is an opportunity to educate your customers and potential customers about your services and products. Keep them updated on industry developments and trends and show them how you can solve their challenges. Becoming an industry thought leader through blogging is a great tactic when it comes to content marketing.

Blogging Increases Brand Visibility in 2021

Number 2 blogging increases brand visibility and exposure. Brands that are consistently presented are four times more likely to experience brand visibility and who doesn’t want that? We know content marketing increases your brand visibility and I tell my clients the best way to create awareness around your brand without costing a fortune is to blog.

This content marketing strategy is an ideal solution to share information about your new products and services plus search engines are bound to pick up your website if you’re constantly providing value to users. You’ll increase your brand visibility because your audience won’t just be exposed to the information they’re hunting for all but we’ll learn about you and your business in the process. It’s cost-free exposure.

Blogging Increases Lead-in 2021

We love that! Number 3 blogging increases lead conversions. Now, you’re listening! 34 percent of buyers will make an unplanned purchase after being convinced by quality content. Through blogging, you can address all three stages of the buying journey from the awareness stage, to the consideration stage, and to the decision stage.

All of these stages play an important role in helping to convert a prospect to be your customer. So make a blog post about content to help them and move them on their journey through your sales funnel. For instance tips and listicles in a blog post can attract a new lead by getting them interested in your products and services. How to topics can be used to convert the leads in the consideration stage.

Then you might need to drill down a little deeper and provide a bit more information about your service or product to move them to the decision stage of the buying process. Also, don’t forget to use testimonial content marketing to woo a customer who is in the decision stage.

The main benefit of blogging here is that it pushes a prospect through the three lead conversion stages without actually selling to them. This is super important because people tend to tune out when they feel like they’re being sold to.

Blogging Asserts Your Authority as an Industry Expert in 2021

On to Number 4 blogging asserts your authority as an industry expert. How you write and how your blog looks communicate your brand’s voice and personality. This gives you a unique edge and allows your audience to develop a real bond with you.

Having a blog provides your brand with the opportunity to be transparent and vulnerable. Qualities your audience would love to engage with. Additionally blogging is a great platform for your business to share knowledge with your target audience about recent developments in your industry insights and predictions in your niche as well as offer detailed product reviews.

Consistently publishing high-quality blog content will help you to assert your authority as a subject matter expert and industry leader. It then becomes easy to build confidence and trust in your brand.

Like I mentioned earlier a reader who interacts with your blog often naturally trusts you because they have a relationship with you. This is part of what we call an inbound strategy. First, you create and build trust with your prospects. Before trying to sell them your products or services.

Blogging Helps You to Rank Higher in Search Engine Results in 2021

Number 5 SEO is not just about ranking on Google when it comes to content marketing. It’s more of a long-term strategy to make your brand visible while staying ahead of your competitors in search engine results.

Pages creating engaging blog posts around keywords that your audience is searching for is a great way to ensure you’re only producing and publishing relevant and quality content. This strategy works because as search engines crawl the web they notice that your blog has used popular keywords multiple times. This will eventually cause your brand to be ranked higher on the search engine results page. But you need to be patient.

This doesn’t happen in a matter of weeks but over months and even years. That’s why you need to be very specific and consistent in the keywords you choose. You need to make it very hard for Google to ignore you and your content.

Blogs Generate Backlinks

And finally, Number 6 blogs generate backlinks. Yes. This is still important essentially by creating high-quality content through blogging you are providing value. The higher the quality of your blog posts the higher the chance of being picked up by other blogs and websites and this is what you want.

When many websites link to your content. this acts as a strong recommendation to Google. So there you have it as you may have guessed No blogging is not dead in 2021 nor will it be in the coming decade either.

Essential Content Calendar in 2021

So if you don’t have a blog, what are you waiting for? People still love to read. So get writing or hire a professional from my business eWords Agency to assist you. I’m here to help you. Speaking of which if you missed out last week, don’t forget to get your free Essential Content Calendar.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep track of all this new fabulous content. You’re creating. It will save you tons of time and keep you sane. get it today.

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