How to Break Your Biggest Content Promises for 2021

This is going to be the year, said everyone everywhere. But bear with me. There are actually a few content resolutions that I want you to make for 2021. And I’m going to mini-coach you through how to stick with them.

So I think it’s something like80% of people set new year’s resolutions and don’t stick with them. when really we could take a much more streamlined and simplified approach towards it.

And so I have three content resolutions that I want to coach you through setting this year and sticking with them because these are the things that I hear the most from my clients.

Once we get through their funnel and they’re ready to actually use their content to drive traffic towards it or my students or my readers.

so these are the three things that most people are saying that they want to achieve with their content.

The number one thing is getting more consistent with their content, right? Having those systems in place having a frequency they can manage. So getting consistent with content. The second thing is becoming that go-to expert. So enough of you feel like that best-kept secret, right? You know what you’re talking about only if other people knew about it. And then the third thing at the end of the day, because we are in business, we want to make sure that you’re making money with your content.

Content Promises for 2021

We want to prove, we want to see that there an ROI between the efforts that you’re putting into your content and what you’re getting out on the back end. So I’m going to walk you through those three resolutions.

Starting with the content resolution, number one, getting more consistent with content. The biggest thing that I can say about getting more consistent with your content is that most people are trying to do too many things, even if they were like, even if they had a hundred clones of themselves.

It might be things like guest posting or podcast interviews. It might be things like Pinterest is a great attraction platform. Then we want to focus on. This S part. So the selling part of things, so one strategy or platform that you’re using to basically sell your goods. So for me, this comes up always down to email marketing. I think email marketing has the highest ROI when it comes to selling with your content. And it’s just a great way to cultivate connection and stay in touch with people.

I think to pick one that is for selling. So what is your strategy could be retargeting ads. it could be, it could be speaking in person, although maybe not this year or this coming year. And then the fourth platform is a platform for engagement. So where are you going to have those conversations with people? So this would be Instagram, right? Or this might be Facebook groups, or this could be, like online networking. It might be Reddit. It might be wherever you’re having those kinds of conversations.

High Quality for 2021

But as you can see here, instead of trying to do everything. I’m really narrowing it down to four. And I want to make sure that I have one for every single one of those types of content or those purposes that I have for my content. So that really simplifies things. So we’ve narrowed it down to four platforms that you’re going to focus on and you can switch your focus. I say, keep your focus for 90days or a quarter at a time.

And then you can reevaluate and measure and see if there’s something that you want to switch up and maybe try. So narrowing it down to four platforms instead of. 13, which is the average that people are content marketers and business owners are trying to keep up with. It’s going to just, your efforts are going to go a lot further, faster. And then the second piece of this is being more consistent with your content is choosing a frequency that works for you and committing to it fully.

I want you to start with something that feels too easy, right? Because right now, with the best intentions with that new fresh start, you’re like giving yourself way more credit. Once life actually starts taking over and distractions start getting in the way. So pick a frequency that feels too easy. So is that weekly for you? Is that monthly? Is that biweekly? And if you end up doing more than that, Fantastic.

Frequency Of Keywords

If you don’t, if you just stick to that frequency. Fantastic. So we want to pick a frequency that you’re actually going to be able to maintain. Because once you master monthly or once you master putting out a blog post bi-weekly or weekly. Then if you want to add more to it, you can do that, right. Because you’ve already mastered frequency and made it feel easy.

You could start biweekly. And then when you’re ready to build your way up to that weekly, you can do that. So that is one great way of staying consistent with your content.

We want to think about frequency and we want to think about narrowing down on your platforms. The second content resolution that I want you to focus on is establishing yourself as a go-to expert. So using your content to build your expertise. What is great about content is that there are two sides to this expertise coin.

And then the second thing, if you’re like, I ain’t no expert. I’m just figuring this out as I go, I don’t feel as qualified as so-and-so over here or so-and-so over here.

It’s so simple way, this is going to blow minds. So like a top tip for establishing yourself as an expert is as simple as this, even if you’re just starting out is just. Being of service.

I’m going to find something that I can help people with. And so when it comes to our content, we want to make sure that we are finding our audience’s problems. So who are the people that you want to be working with and what problems do they have? What are their little, a day to day annoyances when it comes to the area of expertise that you’re working in?

How To Solve Content Problems

And can you create bite-sized pieces of content that solve that problem or solved some aspect of that problem? Ask yourself, number one is this something that my potential clients. the people that I want to be working with are struggling with.

Number two, have provided a solution? And you can go and check it out over here. Our third and final content resolution for 2021 is to make more sales with your content. At the end of the day, you are a business and content or blogging or social media, whatever type of content that you’re creating is a tool in your business towards the end goal.

Make sure that your content actually leads to your products or services. So you wouldn’t believe the number of times I’ve had potential clients come to me in the agency or students in your content, your empire, my program come to me and they say, I have this amazing service. I have this amazing product. It’s got to change lives, but I’m not selling any, that’s the problem of not getting enough leads. I’m not getting enough inquiries.

Highly Qualified Content

I’m not getting enough people purchasing on my sales page. To do with this product or service, or it’s very loosely connected.

So we want to put your offer at the center of your content strategy. And from there, come up with topics for your Facebook lives, come up with topics for your blog posts, come up with an idea for that lead magnet.

That’s going to get you a list of validated and highly qualified prospects for your service or your product. So we want to make sure that we are getting the right people into your pipeline for that product or that service. And I want you to do a simple binary yes, no check.

Does this relate to my product? One of my products or services? If yes, keep it. If no, can it be switched? Can you tweak it a little bit or? The tough decisions at the end of the day, does it have to go? The biggest content resolution though.

A bonus one here is to not let content overwhelm you. Allow yourself to truly start fresh and don’t judge yourself based on your past efforts. Just realize that maybe you weren’t setting yourself up for success. maybe it’s time to simplify to these three content resolutions. Forgetting more consistent, making more sales, and becoming that go-to expert.

And all of the other things will be a product of focusing on those three things. So if you want help with all of these three content resolutions, check out my content campaign generator.

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