How to Build a Website from Scratch Course for 2021

Today I’m going to walk you through step by step how to create and build your own website using Wix.

If you haven’t already, join me as I build my own site from scratch. Let’s follow the prompt and get started. Sign up over here, fill in your details, and click sign up. Let’s provide Wix with information to assist them in providing us the templates that fit our business best. I’m creating a site for myself as a digital creator. It’s for my business but you click on the appropriate option for what it is that you’re looking for.  

Finally, select your site-building experience. We want to pick our own templates so let’s select the “Start Now” option. This is probably the best time to get an idea of the pricing options.   I know from personal experience that I prefer a one-stop-shop; so the idea of a   plan that includes a free custom domain, enough bandwidth, and enough storage space. Well,   this is an option that I would go for. I’ve built a few websites using the unlimited option and it’s been more than sufficient for me.

Why you need a website for your business in 2021

Now, we have a selection of templates that we can scroll through. Because I specified that I want a website for my business,   Wix has provided me with some ideas that fit the look and feel that I’m hoping to achieve.   If I want to get a better idea of what my site may look like, I can hover over a template I like,   and click on the view option. Now I’m able to see a further demo of the template. And if I like it,   I can get straight to editing it from here. At this point, the first thing I like to do is find a couple of templates that are aesthetically appealing to me.

I try to find two or three options that I really like. So, let’s jump through the templates and find some of these together.   Focus and simplicity- this is what I’m after, and this is what this template is providing.   If you are an influencer, service provider, consultant, or business, or life coach,   these are some ideas of templates that I really like which may appeal to you as well.

Let’s take some time to explore these templates, view them, and see if this is something that we like… So, we’ve seen a couple of templates that are really beautiful. Now, how I go about making my final decision, is by screening the templates I really like again for the final time.  

Wix for beginners 2021

Now, before I even click on the editing option, I like to just triple check that I have the content, or can easily create the content, that this template requires. Let’s do a quick check before we head on that “Edit” option.   So, if I can give you a great tip, a giant tip, when it comes to creating your own website,   more than focusing on the look, find a template that fits the content that you have, or can easily create.

You may fall in love with a template, but then find that this template that you’ve fallen   in love with, requires you to create additional pages, and, focus on customizing the template   quite a lot- which involves a lot of organization- and additional time, and may even add a little   bit of stress to your life. And, this is just something to be mindful of. So what I suggest,   is finding a template that requires minimal additional effort from your part.

There’s nothing more motivating than finding that you have the content and you can create the content for the template that you love. And, this is going to motivate you to get to work on your website and see you finishing it a lot quicker than if you found something you loved that requires a   lot of additional work, additional pages, and additional customization. So, if we have to look at the website template that I’ve chosen, you can see that there are only four areas that I really need to focus on.

Wix pricing plans

I need to first take a bunch of photos that I feel would best showcase: Who I am,   what I do, and who I help. I need to create some content for the: About, Services, and other text   sections… Next, I have to consider if I’m going to be wanting to lead people off of my website.   And, if I am, I need to be mindful of the specific links I need.

 And, lastly, after I’ve got my images, my content,   as well as any links. I think about the color scheme. I saved that for last, but feel free to shuffle up the order, or, add anything else that you might need when it comes to the template that you’re using for your website.

So, once you know: What you need, and, once you know when you’re   able to outline when you’re able to create your additional content, then you’re about ready to   go. Alright, let’s have a brief introduction into the Wix toolbox. I like to call it that. It’s the   menu on the left-hand side. And, from here, we can change a few things. We can adjust this according   to the template that you have chosen. This is where you can customize, or, add pages. Because I   have a minimalist, one-page site, my menu is on my home page. I can manage my menu by clicking here.  

Wix templates 2021

We will do this together in a moment… Because I will be renaming some of the menu options on my   website, if we go back into the “Pages” menu, if we click on the three dots, you will see   that there are options… These options include SEO, the option to copy, the option to rename,   the option to hide, or, remove… Make sure to “Subscribe” to my channel, as I will be diving   into Wix SEO in a future video. You can also manage the page transitions over here, as well…   Let’s move on to the next one over there:

This is where you can change the background. And, in   a few moments, we will be doing this together, but we’ll be doing it directly from the editor. When   it comes to changing the background, we can change the color. We can change it into an image, or we   can change it into a video, and like I, said we’ll be doing this together in a few moments. This icon   is home to some of my favorite additions. You are able to add a strip. Here are some examples of   what you can add.

Once you add these to your site, you can change the pictures, and the text, so that it best fits the look and feel you’re going after. You can add text, titles, and paragraphs.   You are able to add images. Later, I will show you how I use a combination of my own images,   as well as the Wix images. You are able to add your own social media collections too, which is a lovely feature.

What do you need to make a website from scratch

The video box and the video mask option are also interesting to consider… You are able to add an interactive element. My favorite would be their promotion and contact options.   I’m going to show you the list and grid editions. Now,   later we will be changing the template to include one of these… I’m sure by now you have a good idea that there are many different elements that you are able to add to your website.   I’m not going to be overly customizing my site as I’m very happy with the template I decided on,   but should you want to add any further items to your site, this is where you will find your editions. We’re going to hop over to the next icon now, and this is where you are able to adjust the   color theme, as well as the text used in your site.

Then, this is the Wix app market…   I have personally used Wix Forms in the past which is a great app for building an email list.   But, there are many options of apps you may like to consider too. If you’re in the world of print-on-demand, if you have an online store, depending on what you’re looking for;   there is probably an app for you in the store… Next, we have Wix media. Here, you can edit images or even create your own videos. I haven’t personally created my own videos in Wix,   but this seems pretty exciting: Something I’d like to try in the future… Next, we have the blog option.

Wix build tools in 2021

My name, at least for the time being, is my logo. I kind of feel if it isn’t   serving a purpose it shouldn’t be there, and my name looks good as my logo, at least I think so…   Now, I’m just going to edit the text. As you can see, I’m sure you’re familiar with these fields,   you are able to edit the size, you are able to edit the font… So, I’m just going to add   my name: Marguerite Faure. I’m going to go ahead and edit the second text field,   and add “Digital Content Creator”.

The next thing I want to go ahead and do is: I want to change the   background. So, I’m going to click on that button over there, change the background, and there is   the option we’re familiar with this pop-up of: Color, Image and Video. I’m going to select,   “Image”. And, I want to upload my own image; so you just head over to the top over there,   upload media. I’m going to upload a file from my hard drive, or you can also just drop the image   here. You can keep your eye on the little box at the bottom there… Bottom left-hand side,   that will just show you if your media is uploading. And, once it is uploaded;  

There we go! You can see it. So, there are actions like cropping, and editing your image,   adjusting the image, creating a video, you can even cut out the background. I’m happy with my image though… But, I might want to just change the tags, and if you haven’t already,  

How to edit a Wix template

Here is my new background. What I want to do is; I just want to hit the settings button   on the left-hand side and over here. I’m able to adjust the opacity. So, I want to darken this   image just a little bit. I want it to be at about 90. Now, I’m happy with my background. I just want   to move the text. I can easily select the text and just move it over to the left-hand side and this,   I think is a style that I really like. It’s nice that we get to move things around and customize   things according to our own style. Right, I’m going to scroll down now and I’m going to work on   the social bar.

I’m going to set some social links so that it fits the social media that I have.   First things first, I don’t use Facebook, so I’m just going to go and change the icon. I’m just going to type in “YouTube”. And, I’m looking for consistent branding so the white circle around the play button, is exactly the look I’m going for… And, I can also change the link.

I’m going to do the same process with Pinterest. I don’t need to change the icon, I just need to add the link.   I don’t use Instagram: I prefer long-form content. But, I do have a podcast on Spotify so I can find it by just clicking on the drop-down, and, again, I want that consistency. So, the white circle that’s what I’m looking for. Now that I’ve changed the icon, again I just want to go fetch my link.   Add my Spotify link and hit the done button.

Optimize your Wix site for mobile

 There we go, my social links are now updated.   Now I want to change the background of the next strip and I click on change strip background again. I have an image that I would like to use here, and it’s not my own image it’s actually media from Wix. So this is a great time to use stock photography and I’ll show you how.   I’ve typed in “laptop” and I’m going to change the background so that it is this laptop image.

But,   as you can see, you can’t see the text. And, I’m going to hit the “Settings” button,   change the background color, so that it’s dark, and then change the opacity to around   10. And, as you can see the text pops. Now, I really like this! So, the next thing I’m going   to do, now that I’m happy with the background is, I want to change the number of services.  

I only offer two services currently. So, I’m just going to select the first option,   delete it, and then click on the options here. Just hold “shift” so that it selects all of them   and move it… And, I can use the grid lines to help me get an idea of where it would best   fit. And, as you can see I’ve moved the first one and I’m just going to do the same with the second   one.

My Wix website

Which is a white, a light grey, and dark gray. Now,   I’m going to edit the text and include my first service which is: Educational Tutorials. And then, I’m going to select the text below, edit it, and I’m sure you’re familiar with these   fields… I’m going to align my text so that it’s to the left and I’m going to add some bullets,   just so that I can specify exactly what i mean by “Educational Tutorials”.

Now, I’m moving over to the second option. And, I want to change the basic shape again. I’m going to select “Vector Art” and,   this design, I think, is fitting again. I’m just changing the colors so that there is continuity.

I like  this strip. I think it’s beautiful! You can see the text, and the background image is relevant.   Alright, moving on to the next strip. I like the white background, and again, I’m going to adjust the opacity to about 10.   And there we have a new background. Now, I’m going to change the text of the heading from “Our work”   to “My work”. And, I’m just going to edit this text: “A peek into my world of content creation”.  

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