How to Make a Website in 10 mins Full Course (2021)

Today I will be showing you how you can create any kind of professional-looking website. be it for a local business or a product review website like this one or any kind of e-commerce site like this. So here, I will be showing you how you can create over 200 million different professional websites in just under 10 minutes by using drag-and-drop.

This is a complete beginner-friendly tutorial. So even if you have no prior experience building a website, you shouldn’t have any problem following up. Now before we get into the tutorial itself.

Let’s look at what exactly will be building today and understand the fundamentals. We will be building this highly customizable website today any website including the one that we will be building today has three major components that we must understand first.

Firstly, Domain Name. This is basically the name of our website. For example, YouTube’s domain name is Facebook’s is and Google’s is So the very first step to getting started building a website is choosing an ideal domain. If you have something in mind, then that’s great. If not, no worries.

1. Choose a Domain Name in 2021

I’ll be giving you some tips on choosing an ideal domain name for your website. Make sure that the domain name you choose is easy to remember and pronounce. Make sure that it’s brandable and lastly then it should not be registered under someone else. I will be showing you exactly how to check this as well. So don’t worry about these.

These domain names can cost anywhere from $1 to hundreds of dollars. For the most part, it depends on the extension that you choose. The extension is the part of the domain name after the dot. .com, .go and .net are a few common extensions used. And .com extension cost about 10 dollars yearly, .net about 12 dollars, and so on.

Over 400 million websites on the internet and hence making it the most popular extension use. Don’t get too confused over which extension you should go with. I highly recommend sticking now moving on to the second fundamental element of our website Content Management System or an easy term a website builder.

The traditional way of making a website requires coding from scratch which not only consumes a lot of time but it also makes it impossible to make such a customizable, user-friendly, and search engine-friendly website. With today’s content management system making a website is as simple as dragging and dropping the elements.

2. Buy Hosting & Domain in 2021

Now, there are dozens of these web publishing platforms. So choosing one can get overwhelming. To make it simpler, there are only two that our consideration Wix and WordPress. For almost all use cases, WordPress is far superior to Wix as a website building platform to build any kind of website. Wix sure offers an easy-to-use website builder, but you can accomplish a lot more with WordPress over the long run plus that it’s also free. So in this video, we will be using WordPress to make our website. Lastly, we have the most important element of our website the hosting.

In simpler terms, It’s a computer where our website is safe when someone requests to see your website, this computer sends it to them. If we make a website without hosting a website will exist, but upon opening up only a blank page will show up.

The most important step to building a zero-maintenance website is choosing the right hosting. With every hosting provider claiming it to be the best but it can be very troublesome choosing the right. Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing a hosting. Customer support how easy it is to reach out to them.

How quickly do they answer my concern? Secondly, we have Uptime to understand this, let’s say you run a pizza shop in Miami you build an awesome website following this tutorial and it even ranks number one on Google for the best pizza in Miami. When a potential customer clicks on the website, it doesn’t load the website is in doubt. This simply means that a website is experiencing downtime.

3. Install WordPress In 2021

If this happens often you will be losing a lot of potential customers, even though this is quite rare now. It is very important to stick with providers which have a good history with uptime. The third factor to keep in mind is the load speed of the website. A fast-loading website is not only good for the user experience, but it also contributes significantly to rankings on Google. Your website shouldn’t take more than three seconds to load in the case that it does it’s mostly because of the hosting provider.

I have worked on building thousands of websites over the years and this is a comparison list that I have been working for a while now. As you can see, there is only one that I consider being an actual hosting better than all others which is A2 hosting. Out of 928 clients, websites over 90% are hosted on A2 hosting simply because they are the best in every match.

They usually have some promotional discounts going on so you can get it a lot cheaper than most other hosting providers on the list. The best part is that I managed to get a special promotional discount for everyone watching this video. So stay tuned for it with all the fundamentals aside, let’s get on building our website.

Simply click on the first link in the description and it will take you to my website. Here I have integrated a feature to check for domain availability. So all we have to do is key in our domain name and click on the check availability. Oops, looks like our domain name is registered by someone else if this happens to you simply try using a suitable variant. As you can see this is available.

4. Customize the website in 2021

Once you have confirmed the availability of your domain name, simply scroll down to step two. Now click on the domain and hosting. This will take us to A2 hosting click on get started. Now it’s asking us to choose a domain name carefully key in your selected domain name without the extension by extension will be selected.

You can use this drop-down menu to change it once done double-check it and make sure it’s correct now simply click on check. Since we have already checked the availability of the domain in the previous step to no surprise a name is available. Scroll down and click on continue. This is the order summary page. This is the total cost of our website for three years on A2 hosting with the special price that I managed to get for you guys.

To bring our total upfront costs down, click on this drop-down menu. Here is the price breakdown for hosting Blends. One month of Hosting will cost us $11 a month. One year is $84, for two years, it’s $105 and for three years, it’s $107. Going monthly will bring the upfront costs down. But for instance, it will cost us $400 for three years instead of $107 if you choose it upfront. The best part of A2 hosting is that they allow us to switch billing plants at any time so we can start monthly and switch to a long-term plan later on.

Even then I still recommend going with a long-term plan upfront why you may ask this will make you more invested and committed to finishing your website as soon as possible. Once you have selected the perfect option for yourself scroll down.

DNS Management in 2021

We have three options here DNS management, ID protection, and email forwarding both DNS management and email forwarding are unnecessary since we can set them up later for free ID protection will be checked by default. This isn’t necessary unless you wish to not link your identity to your website. I will be unchecking this. Now click on continue. So here’s the summary of our order we are paying for web hosting and domain name. It’s gonna be around $25.

We will click, check out and fill in all the details here. I will also fill this up quickly. You can follow along if you aren’t sure about something but make sure you fill in your own details. All right, we are done with Step 2. Now, let’s click on complete order. With that, we are done with Step 2. At this point, we need to wait. as it may take some time for a website to get a life. I will check after 10 to 15 minutes and come back after a coffee. It’s been about 20 minutes. Let’s check if a website is online now.

As you can see our website is online for the world to see. The website is now live but doesn’t look as good as we want it to look but by the way, don’t forget to pack yourself if you have reached this point. A professional website developer would have charged you nothing less than $400 or more to get you to here. No, let’s start customizing our website.

URL Control Panel In WordPress Site

For this firstly, we need to login to our website open the email address you entered a checkout. We have received several emails from A2 hosting. You will find all hosting and domain information here Now, we will click on the email titled Softaculous this will contain login information of our website scroll down and click on the control panel URL This is the login page of our website firstly key in the logins we saved earlier and log in.

This is the admin dashboard of our website at the very first glance, this may look a bit complex. However, it’s surprisingly simple. Let’s start by understanding the basic structure of our WordPress dashboard the left navigation menu contains various features and controls that allow you to edit, add, or remove features from your website.

It’s like the administrative block of an office the top toolbar contains the tools that are frequently used. For instance, you can directly go to your site from here. Now, let’s start customizing our website Firstly, we will be installing a new theme called Astra for this hover over appearances and click on themes. Click on add new Now, let’s search for Astra click on install and activate. Our theme has been installed click on get started and now we select an element for a preferred page builder.

Choose Template In WordPress 2021

We are now at the most important step that is choosing a template for our website. Choose a template that looks closest to what you are looking to build. Once you have chosen click on the template. We can preview it by clicking on this button. You can browse around the preview. With this template, we get this home page and about us page, contact page, and more. This is perfect for my use case once you have finalized your template close the Preview Tab and click on import complete site.

Now, we click on import. Make sure that you don’t close the page while the template is being imported and it’s done. Let’s view our site now. This is our website looks with all the demo content imported. It’s time to start making it our own by customizing it and adding our own content To edit a page, simply open it and click on edit with Elemento This opens editing mode From here, we can edit any text, add new text, remove text, change images, change styling, etc. Let’s say you want to change the text on this button simply click on it and start typing. In the very same way, we can change anything on our website.

For instance, this image simply clicks on it. Select it from here. Once you are done making the changes simply click on the update button here To exit editing mode, simply click on here and click on the visited page. So now, you know how to edit any page on your website. Now, we will be learning how to change the header and the footer area of our website. Using elements, we can change anything in this area of our website.

Adding New Page In Website

To change the header or footer, click on customize to modify anything, click on the blue edit icon next to it. Let’s say we want to change the logo simply click the edit icon next to it By clicking the change logo button, we can add our own logo. We can also change the menu section in the very same way the same goes for the footer area.

After making the necessary changes click on publish. Let’s close this and go back to our website So far, we explored how to edit our website. Now, how do we go about adding a new page to our website? It’s very simple Hover over to new and clicks on a page simply type in the title of your new page and click on edit with elementor. This will bring us to the elementor editing panel click on the starter template icon and select a suitable template for this page And click on import this will load the demo content on a new page simply make the changes accordingly and click on publish.

Let’s visit it by exiting edit mode. This is the new page that we just created. Now, let’s check the result of our hard work. This is how our website looks good right, even though we have explored WordPress and elements enough to make an awesome-looking website. If you wish to learn more I will be linking my favorite elementor playlist in the description below and now that your website looks good to humans. It’s important that we also make it look good to Google search bots as well.

How To Optimize WordPress Site In 2021

Yes, we are talking about the bonus step of our video, the search engine optimization. Now, there are a few good practices that will help your website to rank better on Google. Number one, always incorporate images and videos along with the text. This will not only improve the user retention of your website but also enhance its visual appearance. Number two, add social media buttons such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to improve your reach. When people will share your website on social media, it will also benefit you in terms of linking.

Number three, minimize unnecessary plugins more plugins will make a website load slow and this is a big No for SEO Talking about speed, you should also ensure that your web hosting provider is good.

That’s why we use and recommend A2 hosting Number four, use compressed images and videos you can try this website tiny PNG which will help you reduce the size of your images and make them load faster on your website for all other SEO things install Yoast SEO plugin.

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