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Home Entertainment SRK daughter Suhana Khan shares photo, cropped top-skirt

SRK daughter Suhana Khan shares photo, cropped top-skirt

SRK’s daughter Suhana Khan is mostly active on social media sites. She has recently returned to New York to study after her stay in Mumbai. Suhana shared a picture on Instagram. She was commented on by her sister Alia Chiba and her special friend Shanaya Kapoor.

Suhana often shares her photos on Instagram. That is why they are very much in the limelight.

SRK daughter Suhana Khan shares photo

Recently he shared a picture. In which she is looking very cute and innocent. This time Suhana has not written any captions with the picture.

In Suhana’s picture, her fans are giving a lot of love with their likes and comments. She is wearing a skirt with a white crop top. People are very fond of this look. His fellows are also giving their reactions to the picture. Along with the fellows, some of their special people. In which his cousin Alia Chiba writes “Objected with This”, his special friend Shanaya Kapoor comments “R U for Real”

Suhana is soon to make her debut in the film industry after finishing her studies. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Shah Rukh Khan had made it clear that “Suhana will have to learn to act for three to four years before she becomes an actress.

But I do believe that he should not step into the world of acting right now.

Suhana Khan shares photo, cropped top-skirt

Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana is back in New York for studies. Let’s say he’s a student at New York University. Suhana often shares pictures with her fans on social media. It’s clear that they’ve gone back to New York. Along with the picture, she also captioned “It’s pretty cute.”

Suhana recently shared several pictures of herself. On which his fellows gave a lot of love to his likes and comments. Some people even gave their reactions to that picture.

In which one person wrote, “You are becoming more beautiful than beautiful,” along with his sister Alia Chiba and his friend Shanaya Kapoor, who also said, “They were jealous of their waistline”

Since suhana’s very beginning, friends have been outsiders. Suhana mostly grabs her stylish looks as well. His fan following is also very good. Let’s say his unreactive look tempts his fellows. Suhana has nearly 1.5 million followers on social media.


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