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The Full Story Behind Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky Feature

Google Search’s I’m Feeling Lucky feature – a Google feature that’s on its home page. But its use is very low. Find out about it.

If you have used Google Search, we sincerely hope you have noticed I am feeling lucky. There are two options below the Google search box. First Google Search and the second I’m Feeling Lucky.

I’m Feeling Lucky Feature

What’s the full story of I’m Feeling Lucky, when it started and what it used to be. Does it harm Google? We’ll tell you all this. Many of you will already be familiar with this story, but those who are not should know this.

I’m feeling lucky option you have a big advantage. As soon as you select I’m feeling lucky by typing any query or keyword in the search box, Google Direct will take you to the first search result page associated with that query. This means you won’t see any ads or other search results.

For example, if you click on I’m feeling lucky by typing aajtak in the Google search box, you’ll be visiting our website directly. But if you just click Google Search, you’ll get millions of search results. They will also see you from our website reports to YouTube handles.

Loss of US$110 million?

In an interview in 2007, Google co-founder Sergey Brin said that 1% of Google search traffic goes to the I’m feeling lucky button and bypasses other search results and ads.

This predicted that google’s annual revenue was losing US$110 million (Rs 8.03 billion) due to this button. Because clicking I’m feeling lucky after any search query direct reaches the first result and no ads appear. All you will know is that Google’s big source of income is advertising itself.

In 2007, the head of Google Search was Marisa Mayer, who later became CEO of Yahoo. He gave an interesting reply when asked about the damage caused by the I’m Feeling Lucky button. “It’s possible to be drier and more corporate to earn more money,” said Marisa Mayer. I think the happiest thing about I’m Feeling Lucky is that this feature reminds you that you’re all real people’

I’m feeling lucky Google has a very old feature and it was also removed in 2010. The button was there, but the feature was removed because google instant was introduced. Since then, I’m feeling lucky has not had the importance that was before, because now the Google instant works before the Google Home page and you don’t notice I’m feeling lucky many times.

But after that, the function was started again. But the question is what sense Google has written this I’m feeling lucky. That is, it must have been something that led to the I’m feeling lucky option added to the search engine?

Hollywood legend actor and director Clint Eastwood is a film. Its name is Dirty Harry. The film was made in 1971. This film is a scene where Clint Eastwood is going to shoot at a man and ask before him do you lucky feel Punk? Well, Do you?. Google has never said anything about where the line came from.

It is believed that when the Google search engine was launched, both the founders of the company – Larry Page and Sergey Brin – wanted to make it look different from other search engines. Then there was the dominance of other search engines and there were plenty of ads.

With just one click, the company started feeling lucky with the aim of getting direct prevalent results for users.


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