The Seven Ways You’re Wasting Time on Pinterest in 2021

I’m gonna be sharing with you seven ways that you’re most likely wasting time on Pinterest. These are things that you can stop doing because, at the end of the day, they are not moving the needle when it comes to growing your Pinterest business account.

So let’s talk about how you can take back time on your schedule from Pinterest. Because   I feel as if a lot of us feel stressed out as if we just don’t have enough time to take on Pinterest as a platform. But these are 7 ways that you can cut back on all the minutes and hours you’re spending on Pinterest.

And yes, even if you select for it to be sorted how you dragged and dropped it,   Pinterest is not going to show it that way to anyone else. So that’s the first way you’re wasting time, is designing board covers, and organizing your boards on your profile.   And the second way is stressing out about monthly Pinterest views. I am so   tired of seeing in Facebook groups, people saying: “Oh gosh, my views are falling!” What we really need to be looking at is outbound clicks, nothing else really matters. I’m going to say that again:   monthly views do not matter.

Yes, they are an indication of how many people are seeing your pins, how large your reach is. But at the end of the day, all that matters is really and truly outbound clicks to your website, because that’s how you’re gonna grow your traffic, get email subscribers, and eventually make those sales. 

Wasting Time on Pinterest in 2021

I’m still getting roughly the same amount of clicks,   no matter if it’s 16 million views. Yes, that’s an aberration, and usually, it’s because I have a lot of seasonal content, so my content skyrockets during that period. But once that wave is over,   I do settle down, and I am getting a consistent amount of clicks. So start looking at outbound clicks, resist the urge to feel all nice when you’ve got over a million views.

Yes, it’s great to see that you’re progressing, but stop obsessing over it. Look at outbound clicks instead.   So the third waste of time on Pinterest is trying to get followers. How can I get more people to follow my account?”   Remember, Pinterest is a search engine, not a traditional social media site. On traditional social media sites,   your reach is determined by your followers, not so much on Pinterest. Yes, followers are important to the algorithm, because when you add a pin if your followers engage with that pin, Pinterest is more likely to show it to other people.

But if you pin, SEO the heck out of your content. Optimizing all the right places, that’s how you get discovered. It’s not so much about your profile page,   it’s more about how well your individual pins are doing. So I’m one person who spends 0 times stressing about getting more followers; yet, I still get consistent followers.

Gaining Reach on Pinterest in 2021

I’ll show you,   so as you can see here, I’ve got about 66,600 followers on Pinterest, crazy! I spent 0 times attracting them. And if we go over to Tailwind, this is actually a great way for me to show you the growth that I’ve had on followers. So roughly every week, I gain around 90-100 new followers by doing nothing.

I just pin content, I just keep sharing my blog posts, and I just gain followers.   So stop worrying about how to get followers, and more worry about how to create better pins, that are going to just organically get you, followers. See how that works? It’s all about the pin.  

Okay, so the next way that you’re wasting time, and this is totally the fault of some of the older Pinterest teachers out there, people who’ve written blog posts that are from like 2015, somehow still get ranked in search results, and are never updated, are telling people some BS 80/20   rule. Have you heard about it? It is. Sorry, but it’s true, it’s nonsense!

The 80/20 rule is some old-timey way of using Pinterest, saying that 80% of your pin should be other people’s content,   and 20% yours. You’re probably guessing what this way of wasting time is. If you’re gonna stick to this rule, you better flip it around, the majority of the pins on your profile,   so that the pins you’re saving are your own pins.

Creating Your own Pins in Pinterest

They need to be your own pins, not other people’s. So your priority needs to be on creating fresh pins, and only your own pins. Once you’ve mastered that, sure! You can worry about doing some repins.

It’s only natural that other people’s content is going to be on your profile, especially if you’re in something like a Tailwind community.   But you should definitely not be prioritizing this over your own content. So if you hear anyone say the 80/20 rule, ask them if it’s 2015. That’s how you respond to that one. Okay, so another way that you could be wasting time on Pinterest is adding hashtags to pins.

Yeah, at the end of last year,   they pretty much said that hashtags are dead. We don’t know why Pinterest even made hashtags a   thing on their platform, always trying to act like a social media site when you’re not, Pinterest! We know you’re a search engine! So here’s the thing: hashtags, maybe clickable and searchable,   but now, basically, they’re just like keywords in phrases.

If you put a hashtag, or if you put the saying of the word, it’s the same. I’ll show you exactly what I mean. Let’s go to Pinterest. All right, so I’m going to search for a hashtag, maybe #startablog, and what I’m saying by a hashtag,   and the words being the same, is that by doing #startablog, it’s the same thing as typing start a blog.

The Keywords in Pinterest

So what happens if you are putting a bunch of hashtags in your descriptions, it can seem like you’re stuffing your keywords. And it’s your pin, it is not a turkey.

By stuffing,   it’s like just throwing keywords that are not in sentences. So it would be like #startablog,   #bloggertips, #startanewblog, #startlifestyleblog, #… You can see how that seems absurd,   how I’m saying it.

So instead, just focus on using keywords. So am I saying: never use a hashtag?   I’m not saying that. I’m saying that if you’re spending time searching for hashtags, don’t even bother, it’s a waste of your time. Just use the keywords instead. Optimize your pin descriptions with those keywords that you find in your search.

Let’s move on to the sixth way that you’re wasting time:   you’re pinning your pins to every single board that you have. So say, for example,   you wrote a blog post on how to start a blog, and you’ve got all of these boards on your profile:   Blogging Tips, Blogging For Beginners, How To Start A Blog, Lifestyle Blogger Tips,   and you’re taking that pin, and you’re saving it over and over and over and over again.  

The Platforms in Pinterest for 2021

What you’re doing is making your pin seem like spam, and your actions on Pinterest are spammy,   which can get you in trouble and kicked off the platform, which we don’t want.   And what you’re doing is actually pointless, because the only pin that’s actually going to show up is the first one you added.

So by you repeating, you’re actually not doing anything.   The first pin is the one that’s going to show up. So instead, focus on choosing one board that is the best possible choice for that pin, instead of wasting your time adding it to all those other boards.

And if you’ve got questions about whether you should be pinning   to the group boards, be sure to check out my post on ‘Are Group Boards Dead?’ Figure it out,   check out that articles, and you’ll be able to make a better decision about where to put that pin.

All right, here we are at our seventh way that you are wasting time: tracking your pins! I get it:   I’m an organization freak, I love a Google Sheet spreadsheet just as much as anyone else, but here’s the thing: if you’re spending so much time tracking your pins, you’re actually wasting time.  

Adding Pins To your Profile

If you’re just creating that pin and adding it to the most relevant board on your profile,   you’re gonna know how to find it, right? It’s not complicated: you’re not adding it to 10   million boards, where you lose track of things. And your best pins are going to automatically be super findable in analytics. It won’t be difficult to find your best-performing pins.

All you’ve got to do is check your analytics. You see how you can save time just by doing that. Have you actually checked out Pinterest Analytics? So here we are back on the Pinterest website, I’m just going to click on ‘Analytics’, and ‘Overview’. So if you scroll down, you can actually see what your top pins are, based on clicks.

And they’re all listed right here, and you can even export the data right from Google Analytics. So we can see here that I’m on a crazy drop from my new year’s,   but right here, there is an ‘Export’ button. You can actually just download all of this data,   you don’t need to track anything. So here, we have a spreadsheet, and it’s got links to all your top posts and all your top pins. So if anything, get into the habit of downloading this every 60 days or 30 days.

The Seven Ways of Wasting Time on pinterest

That way, you can keep track of what’s what, when. See how that works? You don’t need to take time to track your pins if you’re limited on time. So there you have it: those are 7 ways that you’re wasting time on Pinterest. There are also 7 things that you can stop doing!

  • Don’t worry about designing board covers, or organizing your profile. Only you can see it.
  • Stop stressing about monthly views, they’re gonna go up and down. What matters is outbound clicks.
  • Focus on getting the click.
  • Don’t worry about trying to get followers. Just be awesome on Pinterest! People are going to want to follow you.
  • And don’t stress about some 80/20 rule, it’s nonsense.   You don’t need to share other people’s content, focus on creating your own content.
  • If you’re wasting time searching for hashtags for your pins, just stop. Stop doing that! Focus on adding keywords to your descriptions, instead.
  • If you’re re-pinning your pins to every board, stop doing it. Focus on that first place that you pin in the beginning, make sure it’s the best possible board.
  • And of course, my last one is: don’t worry about tracking your pins. The best pins are just automatically going to float to the top and be very visible in your Pinterest Analytics.  

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