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Vaccination From Next Week in India

The country has begun an exercise to start vaccination next week. The health ministry said that the vaccination program in the country could start next week. Do you know how and how the vaccine will be delivered from the lab to the teak centers?

The exercise to start vaccination has now begun after the country allowed the use of 2 vaccines in the ongoing war against corona. The health ministry has said that the vaccination program in the country may start next week. Now the biggest question is how this vaccine will reach the nearest vaccine center from the lab.

Meanwhile, Health Secretary, Health Ministry Rajesh Bhushan said that the vaccination program could start after 10 days after the corona vaccine is approved. In this respect, corona vaccination is scheduled to start in the country from January 13 or 14.

How to reach people vaccine?

How will the vaccine reach people? The health ministry said on Tuesday that the vaccine will be transported from cold chain points to sub-centers.

Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said there are 4 primary vaccine stores in the country. These vaccine stores are in Karnal, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. The vaccine from the lab will be sent from GMSD Depot to these 4 vaccine stores via air. There are 37 vaccine centers in the country and the vaccine will be stored here. The vaccine will then be sent to the district level in bulk.

From the district level, the vaccine will be sent to the primary health center in the freezer containers. Where the vaccine will be finally applied to the people. Health Secretary Bhushan also said that there are about 29,000 cold chain points in India where these vaccines can be safely stored.

CO-WIN app in 12 languages

The health ministry said that the beneficiary registration is done on the site itself. In particular, health workers and frontline workers will not need to register themselves on the CO-WIN app. Registration will be done when we reach population priority groups.

The Health Ministry said that as a DM, the session is allotted as per dates and times (sessions for 100 or 200 people) and the process will be done at the digital level.

However, the main thing in the entire process is that the beneficiary will be informed and his unique health ID will also be generated (national health mission will be launched from 15th August ). QR codes will be generated that can be placed in mobile or digital lockers.

India’s CO-WIN app will be available globally, the Secretary, Ministry of Health said. The Indian government says that we have prepared CO-WIN for the world and if anyone in the world wants to use this app, they can do so. It will be available in 12 languages. This app will also feature a chatbox. There will also be a 24-hour helpline including IT professionals.

Drug Controller General of India (DGCI) on Sunday approved the vaccine covaxin of AstraZeneca and Oxford vaccine Kovixen. 3 crore people will be vaccinated in the first phase in the country. The vaccine will be provided to health workers, frontline workers, and people above 50 years of age.


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